Andy B

Gauthier Lepoint succeeded where the NHS was unable to. Gauthier performed physio on my right leg, which I was unable to bend more than a few degrees after a surgical repair to my cruciate ligament. The injury was like cutting the string working a puppets leg and that leg had to be trained, even forced to work if it was ever going to be able to function effectively again. Enter Gauthier!

The physiotherapy I had received via the hospital was pretty ineffective and I was stuck with only a 15 degree maximum bend in my leg, which was pretty debilitating.

Thanks to Gauthier I now have a 115 degree bend in my leg, which is way above anything the hospital said I would ever be able to achieve and enables me to live a much more active life. I was told by the hospital that I may not progress much beyond 35 degree’s. When the hospital congratulated me on reaching a 95 degree bend it was thanks to the intensive physio that Gauthier had performed. At that point the hospital, “wrote me off,” and said that I could live a relatively normal life with a 95 degree leg bend ! True but it was still pretty debilitating, a “normal” bend is about 130 degrees and 95 was too far off. I accepted that due to medical complications, I would never be able to achieve full movement but Gauthier agreed that he could work my leg further and achieve more.

“Gauthier is a true professional, whilst maintaining a refreshingly friendly, open and honest approach, which made me feel confident in his treatment, ensuring that I felt encouraged, wanting to work with him to achieve the best improvement “we” could. The treatment was painful, Gauthier said it would be – but with my consent he took me where the hospital physio was not willing to go. In my case there would be, “no gain without pain,” but this was the difference between a very restricted life with what to me was a severe disability and the life I have now (thanks Gauthier). He worked on my “wacky” walk and I can now appear relatively normal in my gait. I am able to climb up and down stairs and no one but I would know that it will always be with some discomfort but being able to do it at all is thanks to the physiotherapy of Gauthier.

I highly recommend Gauthier as a physiotherapist who will take you as far as your body and determination will allow him to. His personality and professionalism instil confidence for a patient to go (safely) that much further to achieve the most they can. He made me feel that we were working together rather than just being worked on by someone else. If you have an injury, join “Team Gauthier,” work with him and I hope that you achieve the maximum possible improvement, as I did.”