“In May-2012 I underwent C5/6 & C6/7 anterior cervical decompression and fusion operation.  The operation was successful.

Normally at the end of 1&1/2 weeks of post operation; the pain around the neck should subside & attain approx. 75% normal movement of the neck. However; this was not in my case. After 1&1/2 weeks; the pain was really bad, and I was unable to move my neck and was not able to sit down for more than 20 minute before I had to wear my headgear.

After 3 month; I saw my neurosurgeon for consultation. I made him aware of the persistence problem following the operation. He advised physiotherapy.

The Met OH arranged for me to have the physiotherapy under the guidance of Gauthier LEPOINT-a well repute in this field. Following my consultation with Gauthier; I began to have physiotherapy. Although acupuncture was not on the agenda; Gauthier advised this treatment along with physiotherapy. The combined therapy worked absolutely wonder. And within a few weeks; I began to notice marked improvement in my neck movement. And within couple of months I was able to recover 90% of my neck movement.

I humbly thank Gauthier for assisting me with his unique work on physiotherapy & acupuncture that enabled me to get back my normal movement of my neck so quickly.”