Feeling Sad? (Part 2)

Here are some tips to help reduce the winter blues:

  • open the blinds and curtains and sit near windows
  • take long walks and sit outside during your lunch break
  • exercise regularly…it helps relieve stress and anxiety and lifts our mood
  • get a light therapy box…it’s effective in 85% of cases when a light source 10x as strong as domestic lighting is used for 1-2 hrs/day…higher intensity light boxes can decrease exposure time to about 30 mins…the treatment can start working in as little as 2-4 days…and is just as effective as antidepressants…why not use it in the morning whilst having breakfast?
  • psychotherapy can assist by identifying negative thoughts and behaviours that lower mood…it can also help manage stress
  • antidepressants can be prescribed by your doctor if they see fit

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