I Wouldn’t Sit For That (Part 2)

Here are my tips to help prevent back pain, obesity, heart disease, cancer and death from over sitting:

  • Stand whilst on public transport…there’ll be more than enough time to sit when you get to work
  • Get up from your desk at least 1-2 times an hour (less than 5 minutes standing and walking around is sufficient)
  • Drink more often, you’ll have to get up more frequently…to get a drink…and to go to the toilet
  • Rather than send an email, why not walk over and speak to someone? (research has shown that walking at a leisurely pace is enough to reverse the metabolic changes caused by prolonged sitting)
  • Don’t have lunch at your desk…go for a short walk…get some fresh air
  • Organise your work tasks so that they involve frequent movement
  • Here’s a little exercise you can do when you stand (breath in whilst you reach upwards and hold the position for about 5 seconds)…it will help your back
  • Don’t use your car when your feet will do just as well

The clear message is that health can be maintained by including frequent short periods of standing and walking in our normal daily activity…little and often is the way forward!