Ingrid Marson, Welwyn Garden City

“I have suffered from tension headaches, caused by neck and shoulder tension, for the last 10 years and have tried everything to resolve it – from acupuncture to reflexology to sports massage.
Over the years, I have visited many different therapists, but have found that they have made little difference and have ended up relying on painkillers to deal with the headaches.”

I first tried Gauthier Lepoint a couple of years ago and from the first session his treatment had an almost miraculous effect on my tension headaches! I can’t describe the feeling of relief after waking up for a week with headaches every morning, and then leaving the session and having no headache.”

“I regularly visit Gauthier every month or two – unfortunately working at my computer all day means it is virtually impossible to stop the tension from creeping in again (although Gauthier has given me some good exercises to do at home which help the problem) – and I always feel better and more relaxed after my visit. I would highly recommend Gauthier to anyone!”