I am a serving police officer with the Metropolitan Police. As a result of a fall from a police horse I sustained 2 slipped discs between my 5th and 6th vertebrae (neck). I endured this condition for 10 years prior to a diagnosis via an MRI scan in 2003. After diagnosis I was referred for 2 weeks intensive physiotherapy through work. On completion of this treatment I was referred to Gauthier Lepoint. Initially I saw Gauthier 3 times per week, this eventually became once every 3 months. Gauthier recommended acupuncture, something I was sceptical of! This REALLY helped me. I have been bed ridden in the past due to this painful injury. Since I have been in Gauthier’s care the pain and discomfort has virtually disappeared. When I do suffer, the episodes are much shorter and far less painful. I am now fully fit and able to carry out full duties. Gauthier is patient, reliable and I trust him implicitly. I wish him well with his private practise. I only wish I lived nearer to Welwyn Garden City!