Side Planking Reduces Scoliosis


Dr Loren Fishman et al. studied a group of 25 patients with scoliosis. They taught the patients how to perform the side plank, which is a static exercise performed in Yoga and Pilates. The patients were then asked to perform the exercise once a day for as long as possible. They were instructed to only perform it on one side, with the scoliotic convexity downwards. The theory being that it would strengthen the weaker side of the spine and help address the muscle imbalance.

Measurements and x-rays were taken pre and post treatment. On average, patients reported practising the pose for 90 seconds a day, 6 days a week, for just under 7 months. A significant improvement of 32% was found in the Cobb angle of the primary scoliotic curve. The improvement rose to above 40% among the 19 most compliant patients.

This is an amazing result given the minor time investment!


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