The 5 Habits of Highly Healthy People


Since 1979 Professor Peter Elwood and his team of researchers from Cardiff University School of Medicine have tracked the lifestyle habits of 2500 men aged 45-59 (at the start of the study). They found that men that followed 5 habits had 70% less chance of developing diabetes, 60% reduced incidents of heart attacks and strokes, 40% fewer cancers, and a reduction of 60% in cases of dementia. Incidentally, less than 1% of the study group followed all 5 habits! These 5 habits have the potential to reduce illness and chronic disease and so promote longevity…what are they?

The 5 habits of highly healthy people are:

  • regular exercise
  • no smoking
  • a healthy bodyweight
  • a healthy diet
  • a low alcohol intake

Not rocket science by any means…and definitely within everyone’s grasp!

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