Welcome to Healing in Motion

I guess I should start from the beginning. Why ‘Healing in Motion’? ‘Healing’ obviously relates to health, something that a lot of us take for granted…until it goes awry. Our health must be continuously cultivated through our actions and our behaviour. Good health is something to be cherished surely?

The word ‘Motion’ has a dual significance. It expresses physical movement. Our bodies are built for movement and thrive on it. When combined with ‘Healing’, it represents a process. I love the word process! It can be defined as a series of changes taking place in a definite manner…and that is exactly what ‘Healing in Motion’ is about…a series of physical, mental and/or emotional changes taking place in a definite manner and steadily moving you towards better health.

What will I write about in this blog? Well, I will include research, news, exercises, tips, quotes, musings and anything else that I think may be of interest and benefit in helping you achieve great health. Welcome!